Union Jack
armoured vehicle,with Price  rubber components
Submarine, clad with Price manufactured tiles
Daring class destroyer fitted with Price engine mounts
 J PRICE (BATH) LTD established 1936
BS5750 .ISO 9001:
SN13  8QR and SN13 8LH

     Making rubber parts for 87 years, we have a

   wealth of knowledge to  solve your supply needs.

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Manufacturing rubber 87 years for small and large companies                                                 



Looking for a  rubber factory to make a something in rubber? We are one of the few  rubber companies left in the west  of England.


Company history........World War 2........tyres, rubber components for tanks and trucks.


1947 - 1955....J Price worked with the Navy on the development, then production, of ships Main engine rubber antivibration and  rubber shock mounts, generator and compressor rubber mounts, Fitted to over 300  mine sweeping ships  and  other vessels, including DARING class destroyers and others.


          These  Price ‘P’and ‘PD’ (Price double)rubber mounts, now NATO items, are still sold today to shipyards,repairers and   operators around  the world.

       1950s saw us making rubber parts for the Brabazon aeroplane and Inflatable aircraft lifting bags. Used when a plane’s undercarriage had collapsed.


         1980s. we were the original maker and approved  manufacturer of  6 types of acoustic

                                                & anechoic rubber  tiles and fairings for submarines and ships.

             Some 200+ different  types of rubber parts have also  been produced for the MOD.


For over 50 years, A  main Original Equipment Manufacturer to the Car industry and Engine builders. However,most of  large volume business has been lost to  major rubber companies or cheap imports.

           Our  87 years experience and size means we are well suited

               for the smaller niche businesses and markets.


       We  produce  replacement rubber parts  for cars, trucks, Buses, Coaches,Trailers  etc


 PRICE of BATH  balls.

            Although all other ball manufacturers  in the western world have disappeared

            or buy from the far east,  we determined to continue with ball making in Britain.


                   In our hay day we were making over 75000 tennis balls,

                   15000 squash balls and 10000 golf balls a week,

                       but with  far east labour costs around 5 - 10% of  UK costs,

                   it was obvious the volume ball production would not continue,

                      So we had to find other ways to stay in the ball business.



             Developing a new type of golf ball,’Price’s Everlasting’

            (famous in it’s time) before Penfold,Dunlop,Spalding,Pinnicle and others decided

           ‘what a good idea’ and  joined in,

              Sales of our special golf balls built up to around 10000 a week, but  

              lost to the far east because of  UK costs and lack of big business distribution.


        We  also produced a  set of  unique golf ‘Putting’ improver balls

               with a ‘tread’ and  selling like hot cakes, but regrettably our main customer/

             distributor thought he had discovered a  gold mine, overspent,and  went  broke.

         We have the balls on the website,    hopefully they will become popular again.

           Squash balls.Making for all the Sports Brands, 42 of them !sales built up

             to around  15000  balls a week before they too were lost to the  far east.

               Shortly afterwards the game lost popularity and declined dramatically.


            Then we developed  new balls for  ‘minitennis’  for the Lawn Tennis Association

                              Also  is suffering  slow death by cheap imported balls.


                       A new larger tennis ball, the MAGNUM,

        developed for the  International Tennis Federation showed  great promise.

      However a big International Brand, using  far east balls,stupidly flooded the market too quickly

           killing off any chance of the new ball  succeeding with distributors.


                  We developed a set of 3 balls for ‘minisquash’ for the SRA/ESRA.      

             these too have mostly been‘stolen’ by importers using cheap far east balls.


           Balls for UK‘Racketball ‘were developed by us for the RBA /SRA/ESRA,

      but currently  the developing ball market for Racketball is under attack, by the importing           

             Brands We are fighting to retain a fair share. Time will tell !!


         We continue to make the various types and  other balls in development  

                                                   but it all takes time.

       With the loss of volume business we have become a smaller company,but with the

      third generation of the Price family joining in we are optimistic about the future,